Our Faith Walk

Jan 08, 2022  -  Faith | JaG Journey

What's a faith walk you may be asking? 

 ... well, it's when you let go of everything and follow what God asks you to do, even if it doesn't make any sense. There are lots of examples of this in the Bible. Look at Noah. He built an ark after God asked him to because God was going to flood the world with 40 days of rain. I'm not sure if you know this but during Noah's time, no one knew what rain was. So here's Noah building a gigantic boat for something that sounded ridiculous and impossible to happen because there was no such thing as even a rainy day. Noah was on a faith walk. What about Moses leaving all the riches, glory, and power of Egypt becoming a shepherd boy with nothing, and then going back to Egypt to release the Jewish people from slavery. Moses was on a faith walk. Would you walk away from riches, build something that doesn't make sense, or sell your home and live in an RV? To our world, it seems irresponsible or crazy even. But to God's people, it's about finding His peace and joy in the end, even if the journey to get there can be one of the most difficult to endure. And sometimes the journey can end up being the best year of your life so far! 

People may or may not be wondering why we sold our beautiful 1,800 square foot home and bought a 400 square foot RV. ThenForest River Wolf Pack 2021 drove all the way to WV, only to find ourselves back in the most beautiful place in Washington State - a five-hour drive from where we originally started. Faith walks don't make sense to us and the world but they make sense to God and our job is just to trust God, His promises and DO IT! Is it easy? No, otherwise it wouldn't be a faith walk! Does it make sense? No! Otherwise, God can't show you the miracles and blessings He has for you! Now this journey isn't about THINGS! It's about finding His joy, peace, and unfailing love no matter WHAT HAPPENS! Then share His story to the world with prayers that it gives someone hope in Jesus ... hence this blog post! 

Part of my faith walk is to allow Jimmy to drive, to decide, and let God work through him. I did not want to move to WV. I didn't want to buy the 40 acres in that state. I honestly didn't want to do any of this. It was uncomfortable for me but I followed what God asked us to do. Now for those of you that think "women's rights." This isn't about that. God views Jimmy and me equally. This is what God requested for me to do and His purpose was for Him to know and for me to listen. If I didn't walk into this faith walk obediently, we probably wouldn't be living in the most beautiful place I've seen. There's water. There are mountains. There are AMAZING SUNSETS and my prayer through all of it was ... "God, just please give me sunsets." That was my only request. AND HE ANSWERED IN A BIG WAY! 

SO now people might be thinking, well why did Jimmy buy that property if I didn't want to. Well, he believed that is the property that God wanted us to buy. That's simple. Little did he know, that this property would play a big part in a prayer request a year prior to make the world a better place. Many people thought we bought that property way too quickly. We bought it on day 4 in WV. My stomach got so upset about the thought of buying that property and we had to rush down the hill to find a bathroom and for some odd reason, there was a porta-potty on the side of the road. There was a 20-minute drive to the nearest bathroom and when you have Crohn's Disease that is way too long. But as we are rushing down, there's this odd porta-potty in the middle of nowhere and we stop and then we go back and sign the deal for the property. 

One reason Jimmy decided on WV is because of the remote workers initiative that was happening. When we landed in WV we were267124708_10226970773753697_5078385891133947843_n getting media coverage, there were plans to start a data center to help with jobs and train those who were displaced due to the coal industries closing down. We were so excited, especially Jimmy, with this prospect. But it wasn't in God's plan. At the same time, we were buying the property, some big walls were crashing down and many doors shut closed but Jimmy was like, "God has us. We can do this. What would Jesus have done? He would've kept His chin high. God will prevail." So we continued on the journey we were on. More dreams came but those doors were also shut. It was like one door after another kept getting shut. I was being eaten alive. I may have caught Lyme Disease and ended up on antibiotics for over two months. Our development team couldn't work because the technology was worse than we thought. We didn't land any new contract with our company. NOTHING was working! We are on a faith walk! Trust God!

There was a moment of relief for me. I was sitting in my chair in front of the RV. I don't remember what I was doing but Jimmy sat by me and said, "I hate this place." And if anyone knows Jimmy, they know he doesn't use the word hate. He was taught by his mom mom and pop pop to not use that word because hate comes from the devil. But as I heard him use that word, I breathe a sigh of relief and thought to myself, "We are finally on the same page. Thank you, Jesus! You are faithful!" We hadn't talked about selling or anything at that point but he said it and off he went to do more remodeling on the mobile home. A short time later, maybe a week or two, Jimmy was finishing up patching holes in the roof when he got stung by a big red hornet. To him, this was the final message ... we are in the wrong place. He texted me immediately and said we are selling next week. And we did! Did we lose money, yes! Did we care, no. For us, you can't put a price tag on letting go of where you're not supposed to be and the lessons we learned along the way.

Once we sold, we thought we were going to travel for nine months and then come back to Washington but again, plans changed. My possible Lyme Disease diagnosis became an issue so we decided to come back to Washington where our business and healthcare were located. But first, we stayed in Wisconsin with family for about a month. During that time, we got to spend time with my mom, sister, Kianna which is always a HUGE blessing, and get to know the nieces and nephews! My heart was full! 

Also, our company Jag Journey has grown so much! Do you remember while in WV that we didn't get one new client? Well, since we decided to sell that property in August, God has blessed us with 12 new clients and seven potential clients! During our month in Wisconsin, I visited many Chambers and told them about our product. NOW Wisconsin is the biggest state with Chambers using our Jag Journey solution! Washington State is the biggest state with businesses and then Oregon, West Virginia, and Virginia are all tied. Jag is now in 10 states with prospects in two new states. God is good! 

265962959_4899207443458493_9157955826154566127_nThen God bless us with almost the most beautiful 10 acres! There is a TON of work to be done, even more than in WV when it comes to living on the property but God gave Jimmy a vision! We bought the property sight unseen except by video. And yes, this time I LOVE IT!! We have waterfront access and a boat launch and if we build high enough on the hill, our home will have the most magnificent sunset views! I'm going to be honest as when talking about your faith walk, transparency is crucial because it shows God's grace, blessings, and even miracles. The truth is we spent most of our money from the sale of our home in WV. Although we recouped some of it when we sold the 40 acres, not all of it as I've stated. We don't know where the money to build is going to come from but again we are on a faith walk! Do we want now? Of course, we do!! But we are trusting God in this process and we know God's timing is perfect! 

Our faith walk is to be continued and God has given Jimmy visions270140580_10227068788203997_5844027438725217726_n and we are holding onto His promises. But these promises are conditional. We have to walk into them as crazy as it sounds. If we don't walk into His "to-do's" then the promise will not happen. And sometimes what visions He does give us are stepping stones because we may laugh at what God really has for us or fear will come into play. A faith walk is a walk that is full of letting the bad go in our lives and allowing God to mold us, strengthen us and become the person HE NEEDS us to be so that He gets all the glory. Sometimes people fall in their faith walk because they take all the credit - pride steps in. This is God's story, not ours and it will continue so stay tuned! What will happen? We are not sure but God is and that is ALL WE NEED!

P.S. Despite all the craziness, this truly has been the BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE and I'm am so entirely grateful to my God, my heavenly father! He is AMAZING!